Prepare for Storm Season: The Importance of Irrigation Systems Insurance

irrigation system on field

Farmers and agricultural businesses in Kansas are no strangers to the unpredictability of Mother Nature. With storm season approaching, it is crucial for farmers to consider the safety and functionality of one of their most valuable assets: irrigation systems. 

Irrigation systems are the lifelines of the crop industry, ensuring that crops receive the necessary water to thrive. However, these systems are also highly susceptible to damage from heavy rains, high winds, and hail, which are all too common during Kansas's storm season. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged irrigation equipment can be substantial, not to mention the potential crop yield loss due to inadequate water supply during critical growing periods. 

What would be covered by irrigation system insurance? 

This is where the value of comprehensive insurance coverage comes in. It ensures that, in the event of damage due to storms, you are not left facing the burden of repair costs out of pocket. Insurance can cover various types of damage, including: 

  • physical damage to the equipment 

  • loss of income due to downtime 

  • the cost of renting temporary equipment  

At Peachey Insurance, we can even insure irrigation systems at the replacement cost with no age limit. 

Does my Commercial Property Insurance cover the irrigation system? 

We get this question a lot. The quick answer is maybe some of it. Irrigation systems, as farmers know, are extremely expensive. This can increase the value of the claim after storm damage. Sometimes, the cost of equipment on a farm or ranch can exceed the claim limit on property insurance.  

In order to ensure the entire cost of replacing an irrigation system is covered by your policy, it would be important to look into specialized coverage – like that which Peachey Insurance Agency offers - that specifically addresses the needs and risks associated with agricultural equipment.  

Moreover, having full insurance coverage on your irrigation systems is not just a financial decision; it's a strategic move to safeguard the continuity of your operations. It ensures that your crops can continue to receive the care they need without significant interruption. 

So, as we approach the storm season, it is imperative for Kansas's crops and agricultural businesses to review and ensure their irrigation systems are fully covered. The cost of insurance pales in comparison to the potential financial losses and operational disruptions that can result from uninsured damage.  

We urge our clients and potential clients to take this important step in protecting their livelihoods. Remember, it's not just about ensuring an asset; it's about ensuring the future of your business and the agricultural community at large.